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The following is transcribed directly from The Connaught Ranger, February 23, 1848:

Unfortunately, a scan of the actual newspaper is impossible to read, due to the tiny print and condition of the paper.



Since our last the following deaths from starvation have occurred. We are tired of comments – and our appeals to Government, it appears, are useless.

No. 1: A boy was found dead at Frenchbill, Dublin road.   In his pocket was an order from Andrew Crean Lynch, Esq. to be admitted to the County Infirmary, which admission he was refused. The document was written on by Doctor Dillon, "A fit case for the work house; not admissible for want of room." or words to that effect: signed, ‘T. Dillon.’ Previous to his being found dead he entered a house where he got a morsel of bread, upon receipt of which he declared "it was all the food he handled for two days previously." No inquest.



No. 2: Ned Burke, a widow’s son (nine in family). The deceased applied to the relieving officer for relief: offered to give up his house and land. The middleman refused the possession. The unfortunate man then went to the agent of the head landlord (Lord Erne): the agent refused to interfere. The man’s sufferings at last terminated after lingering on for a whole week nearly without a morsel of food.

No. 3: Michael Conor, in the same village died from starvation. The deceased also offered his house and land to the landlord, but would get no relief without throwing down his house. After having made several efforts, in vain, between the middleman and the relieving officer, to obtain relief, the unfortunate wretch at last sunk under his sufferings and perished from hunger.

No. 4: Mary Tuohy, of Greendfield, died from hunger. She held a small cabin, but having refused to throw it down, she was refused a certificate for relief.

No. 5: John Donelan, of Ballintubber died of starvation.

No. 6: Peggy Moran, found dead on the 20th by the ditch side. She applied three times for relief. The third time her name was put on; but she was a corpse when the relief was obtained.

No. 7: Bridget Colleran, died on the 20th of hunger.

No. 8: Anne Tuohy, died on the 20th of starvation.

No. 9: James Kyne, of Clonee, Ballintubber, dead by hunger.

No. 10: Michael Carney, Feebane

No. 11: Pat Fitzmaurice, Banoryues

No. 12: Walter Burke, Mellonhill

No. 13: Anthony Roach, Mellonhill

No. 14: Michael Joyce, Knockavaha

No. 15: Thomas Byrne, Knockavaha

Yesterday was the third day since the meal was stopped. The Vice Guardians say they have no money, and the contractors have refused to give further issues without money or security. The people are dying in the mean time. Were we supplied with lists of starvation deaths from every part of Mayo, our paper would not contain them.

Now, emphatically, we ask the Government will this state of things be permitted by them? Will they still adhere to their pledge of doing nothing for the people in the way of employment? There is, as yet, sufficient food in the land, but the people cannot buy – and their dying by hundreds is proof that they prefer death to robbery or acts of outrage against the law. (emphasis added)